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Wormery Starter Kit

Looking to get started with your first wormery? Our wormery starter kit provides everything you need, bar the actual wormery, to get your composting off to the right start. As you can imagine, one of the most important elements of any wormery is the actual worms that go in it. Here at Compost Worms we are knowledgeable growers of composting worms and have years of experience providing UK customers and businesses with the best quality worms.

We only grow Dendrobaena and Tiger worms as both of these species are prolific breeders with strong appetites. Our worm starter kits provide everything you need including instructions to create your first wormery and get started composting at home. Vermicomposting is the process of using worms for composting and is one of the most effective ways to reduce your organic waste, with the added benefit of getting nutrient-rich compost that is perfect for growing plants and vegetables.

Many people often think that worm composting will be smelly and unhygienic but this couldn’t be further from the truth. When set up correctly and working well, vermicomposting is a great, environmentally friendly and convenient way to dispose of household organic waste. Wormeries can be placed in sheds, garages or even in a cupboard in your home, and provide a year-round solution to help you get rid of organic waste.

Our wormery starter kits contain everything you need to get your new wormery up and running quickly, efficiently and with the minimum of fuss. Inside our kits, you’ll find a mix of composting worms, coir blocks for bedding, worm feed and a bag of lime. We also provide hints, tips and instructions to make it easy for you. All of these combine together to create the perfect home for your new worms and help them set up their colony in your wormery.

Wormery Starter Kit

Choose from different size kits depending on your needs and the size of your wormery. Most kits contain worms along with coir bedding, lime for keeping the PH levels correct and feed to keep your worms nourished while the organic waste starts to decompose. Kits can also be tailored based on your needs so if you only want coir blocks, lime and feed then you can select this option at checkout.

Don’t forget that we have been doing this for years so if you are unsure what you need or have any questions, our team will always be happy to help.

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