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Wormery Accessories

Does your wormery need some help? Our range of wormery accessories can help get your wormery back on track and working more effectively. From worm feed for those cold winter months to coir block bedding and lime, we’ve got all the accessories you’ll need to keep your worms in top condition.

Although a wormery is a complex ecosystem, the reality is that it does not have to be difficult to keep it working efficiently and producing top quality compost for your garden. With a little bit of maintenance and care, your worms can thrive and help you reduce the amount of organic waste that you throw away.

Most people don’t realise that there are hundreds of different species of worms and while earthworms (lobworms) work well in the garden, they don’t like compost bins or wormeries. For composting inside a wormery we’d strongly recommend a mixture of Dendrobaena and Tiger worms as they co-exist happily, are strong breeders and have healthy appetites, perfect for consuming your organic waste.

Using our wormery accessories will help you keep your wormery in the best condition possible and keep your worms happy and doing what they do best, breaking down your organic waste. Choose from coir bedding, calcium carbonate lime packs and worm feed, to make sure that your worms are well looked after.

To operate effectively wormeries need to be kept at a temperature between 12 and 24 degrees Celsius, in extreme cold and heat the worms will die. Small wormeries can be kept in a house under the kitchen sink, in a shed in the garden or in the garage. During colder months these can be insulated with cardboard and bubble wrap, as long as there is plenty of air circulation. Conditions in the wormery should be kept moist as worms do not like dry conditions. If the wormery is too wet, paper and cardboard can be added.

Worm Bedding

At Compost Worms, we’re a knowledgeable bunch and can help you understand how to keep your wormery in a great condition and your worms happy. With over 10 years’ experience growing and supplying worms, we know what it takes to have happy Tiger and Dendrobaena worms.

Whether you are introducing new worms into your wormery, starting a brand new wormery, or just looking to give your worms a helping hand, we’ve got everything you need in our online shop. Just looking to add some more worms, then don’t forget to check out our compost worms page

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