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Worm worked compost is a pure natural nutrient and rich fertiliser, bursting with life within its own eco system containing vital micro-organisms which put richness back into your soil.  Full of rich growth promoting nutrients, our worm worked compost may also have worm cocoons in as well (worm eggs) so not only will you get ‘Worm Compost’ to enrich the soil, you will also get the worm cocoons that will eventually hatch into worms so over time you will be re-introducing worms back into your soil. Worm Compost assists in fertilising and conditioning our gardens, containing trace elements which help vigorous growth and root formation, with the added benefit of helping with water retention.

DIRECTIONS:  To let the microbes do their best, add approx 10% of the Worm Worked Compost to your potting compost, alternatively, use as a top layer and dig in well or even mix with water for a liquid feed (NATURES NATURAL FERTILISER).

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