Everything you need for Vermicomposting


Compost Worms

Vermicomposting is the process of turning organic waste such as vegetables into usable compost by using worms to break it down. It is an incredibly effective way to break down organic material, and worms have been used for thousands of years in this way. As you might have guessed, at Compost Worms we specialise in growing and supplying composting worms right here in the UK. Based in Yorkshire, we have been growing composting worms such as Dendrobaena and Tiger worms for over 10 years.

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of compost worms and are always happy to help customers out with  advice, guidance and support. Whether you are new to vermicomposting or have been doing it for years, we are always happy to discuss your needs and help you find the right composting worms for your wormery, compost bin or garden.  

For the majority of customers looking for composting worms, we’d highly recommend a mix of both Tiger worms and Dendrobaena worms which both have great appetites and are happy sharing a wormery.

If you are just starting out then we’d highly recommend our wormery starter kits as they contain everything you need to get your wormery up and running as quickly as possible. Or if you already have a wormery and need help getting it working effectively again then pick one of our rescue packs.

Tiger Worms

Our compost worms are some of the best available in the UK and are a mixture of Dendrobaena and Tiger worms which are well known for being vigorous breeders and big eaters with a long lifespan. Want some tips on how to keep your compost worms in the best condition possible? Don’t be afraid to ask our knowledgeable team.

Not only is worm composting good for the environment, but it also provides you with a great and free source of organic compost and worm tea for your plants. A wormery is easy to maintain, helps reduce the amount of organic waste that you throw away and is a great choice for anyone who loves gardening. You don’t need much room to start your own wormery meaning they are a great choice for those who live in a city.

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