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About us

At Compost Worms we are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of worms for use in the garden, wormeries and compost bins. Our worms are grown using natural products and all worms are packed on the day of postage, which means we can guarantee that they’ll arrive in the very best condition. And because we have several years of experience you will get the best advice possible.

As well as growing our own worms we use specialist worm breeders to help us supply a mixture of composting and garden worms to customers throughout the UK. Over the years we have built up a lot of specialist knowledge relating to worms and wormeries and we are always happy to pass this guidance on to our customers.

From composting worms such as Dendrobaena and Tiger worms to common garden earthworms, we stock the best worms in the country and can even provide you with a set of clear care guidelines. When receiving worms in the post we recommend keeping them in a cool, moist place and for garden worms, this should be the fridge.

We’re committed to providing our customers with the best service possible and we are able to fulfil small and large orders quickly and efficiently. Use our contact form to get in touch with us today and find out more about our great range of worms.